Kinesiology Q & A

What should I wear to my Kinesiology Session

You will remain fully clothed at all times during your Kinesiology Session so its a good idea to ​wear something comfortable.  Your dignity is of paramount importance so we recommend pants or shorts as it is common that some processes require movement of the leg muscles, even if you don't have pain there.   As you will be laying on the treatment table for the duration of the session, it is not unusual for people to feel cool so if thats you feel free to bring a jumper or some favourite socks. 

What to expect at a Kinesiology Session

Kinesiology sessions are natural and non invasive.   Your practitioner will greet you and if you have not already completed a client information form, you will be asked to do so.  Your client information is bound by the Austrlaian Privacy Act 1988 and subsequent Privacy Principles so you can be assured your personal details are safe and securely stored.  After being greeted by your practitioner, you will discuss the details provided and they will help to determine what is best to work on during your session.  You will then spend the rest of the session lying on the massage table whilst the practioner uses the muscle monitoring techniques to determine the systems of the body that are imbalanced and the method of energetic correction requried.  The session will last from 30 minutes to 1.5/2hrs depending on what needs to be worked on. 

What to expect after a Kinesiology Session

For details on what to expect after a Kinesiology session, click here to review the take home brochure.

Where does Kinesiolgy stem from?

Historically Kinesiology originated from chiropractic in the form of applied kinesiology.  Applied Kinesiology is a basic format where a particular muscle is placed into a particular position and then pressure is applied to ascertain if the person can hold that position.  This process provides a mechanism of biofeedback via the nervous system to assess its homeostatic state.  Energetic and Functional Kinesiology envelops the wisdom of the ancient Chinese acupuncture theory of chi energy and uses the muscle monitoring to not only assess the muslce but all other body systems that it innovates.